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Aftercare Advice

To get the most of your treatment, you will be given a sheet with the following information on, after your initial session.

With a number of therapies, you may feel a little light headed, or dizzy immediately after treatment. This is quite normal. Drinking plenty of water, not ice-cold, and taking a few moments to come round will help bring you back down to earth once again.

You may also be given additional information on how to maintain the effects of your treatment at home. This may include dietary advice, postural exercises, or the importance of regular ongoing treatments for effective results.
This could also take the form of pre-blended body or bath oils, cream or ointments, or in the case of reflexology, some self help techniques.

After each session, it’s particularly useful to observe the following, both to help make maximum use of the session, and to minimise any resulting headaches, dizziness, or other cleansing processes.

  • Please drink plenty of fresh water, to assist the natural detoxification process.
  • Avoid over exerting the body with lots of immediate physical exercise.
  • Eat a light diet, in order to encourage healing and detoxification of the digestive system.
  • Avoid alcohol, drugs, smoking, and caffeine, as these can prevent the body from ridding its toxins.
  • Try also to have plenty of rest and relaxation to maximise the effects of your treatment, especially after a Neuroflexology treatment, where an hours rest after your appointment is advised
  • Avoid hot baths or showers after treatment as this increases the blood-flow to the skin, diverting the body’s resources from the healing/detoxifying process.
  • After receiving Ear Candle treatment, it is best to avoid swimming or getting the ears wet for approx 48 hours.
  • Use ear-plugs in the shower to avoid them getting water in, if you’ve had an Ear Candle treatment




 Aftercare Advice. WaterGlass

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