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Thank you so much for my wonderful treatment today,I have ankles again !!!
You really are a fantastic reflexologist and I am so grateful we have you in our lives
Chris, Birchington

I had a back, neck, shoulder and head massage. Geraldine was very friendly and gave a personal service, asking what scents I liked (and which ones I didn't!) to make sure the products she used were suitable for me. During the massage Geraldine made sure the pressure she was using was right for me and that I was comfortable. I had a lot of knots and tension in my muscles which Geraldine really worked on to get rid of them. Afterwards I felt a bit spacey, which I was told is common and Geraldine made sure I was ok before I left.
The session was pure relaxation, I couldn't remember the last time I felt that relaxed! It was just what I needed! All the tension in my muscles had gone, I felt so light and it has even helped me when I go swimming. I definitely recommend Geraldine to everyone, she knows what she's doing! I will be going back on a regular basis.
Thank you Geraldine! ?
Laura, Teynham

Most AMAZINGLY relaxing and rejuvenating facial with the wonderful Ged Lockyer today. Highly recommended!
Eileen, Sunderland

I have been going to Tranquility Therapies for over 8 years .
I am a huge fan of reflexology and have felt the benefits especially when I was going through the Menopause for me having regular reflexology really helped .
Over the last three weeks I have had a Gentle release therapy treatment (once a week ) the results have been amazing.
Week one my hayfever was playing havoc with my sinuses and that has cleared up completely.
I suffer with pain and fluid retention in my ankles and this treatment is certainly making a difference and stomach and constipation issues.
Geraldine speaks to you about what area you would like help with and she will target that area .
I suffer from stress/tension a lot and have had amazing results from this therapy.
I would highly recommend Gentle Release Therapy
Christina, Birchington

Always a pleasure having a treatment with Ged. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and after a 40 minute massage my neck, back and shoulders feel substantially better than when I initially walked through her door! I recommend Ged to everyone I talk to
Gemma, Sittingbourne

I highly recommend Ged at Tranquillity Therapies.
A professional service, my massage addressed my problem areas and I left feeling pain free and relaxed.
Geds approach has an Osteopathic flavour and draws from all of her therapies to ensure the best outcome for her clients.
I felt brilliant when I left and will definitely go back on a regular basis. Thank you Ged x
Debs, Sittingbourne

I personally find it very hard to get comfortable and relaxed at spas. However coming here and having the best reflexologist Ged, I have never felt so at ease and at peace.
Definitely felt a difference at the end of my reflexology treatment.
Very caring and had a very good conversation and a few giggles! Highly recommend and will see you soon for my next!
Leonie, Sittingbourne

Had my first reflexology treatment today and it was amazing! Highly recommend and will definitely be returning.
Nancy, Sittingbourne

Lovely Indian Head Massage. I felt very safe and relaxed, just what I needed. Thank you x x
Teresa, Faversham

I have to say that I'm really impressed with how you're managing things at the moment. The new booking system is really easy to use, the cabin set up is great and I really enjoyed the new table, even if I did feel like i might be flying!
Natalie, Sheppey

I had a facial a few weeks ago. Usually I am quite reluctant with facials as I have sensitive skin. This one made my skin feel amazing. During the treatment I felt relaxed and comfortable. Ged was able to give me information on the products she uses and this gave me confidence during the treatment
Emma, Faversham

Just had the best facial and relaxation treatment I have had in a long time. Felt safe and relaxed and Ged always makes you feel secure. It's so nice to have the high levels of pain I experience disperse for the amount of time I am with Ged. Thank you so much
Danielle, Faversham

Thank you Ged for an amazing Reiki Crystal session. Feeling so relaxed, lighter and happier Xx
Rachel, Faversham

Had a wonderful double treatment on Saturday ! One treatment is bliss so having two was paradise.
The express facial was superb with the gentle touch of Ged - and then the additional massage while the mask went to work is a luxury you don’t get at the salon ( you are usually left to relax at this point). The second treatment was reflexology and this was just a joy. My ‘crunchy’ bits were worked on and I left refreshed.
So thank you Ged
Katrine, Sittingbourne

Amazing massage and facial this evening, thank you
Gemma, Ashford

Lots of teenagers are being prescribed anti depressants for anxiety .
We decided to try reflexology with Ged for our teenage daughter Abby who is extremely anxious. Ged has helped our older daughter who suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, so we were more than happy to try reflexology for Abby.
I am pleased to say we had a really happy Abby when we picked her GCSE results today!
Thank you Ged Thank you reflexology
Chris, Thanet

As someone who finds it hard to relax and isn't very good at "me time" meeting Ged has been a godsend, she has helped me understand that looking after myself isn't selfish or something that needs to be earned. I would highly recommend the facials and reflexology was amazing too. Treatments take place in a lovely setting and my appointments are now regular
Nicki, Faversham

Thank you Ged. I loved the thorough consultation & products. I felt very reassured by your professional approach, my skin looks amazing and my boyfriend complimented how fresh faced I looked, thank you!
Lea, Faversham

Im a complete newbie to professional facials, but wow I will be making time for more! Such a relaxing experience, and my skin has never felt better, thanks Ged xx
Vicky, Sittingbourne

Amazing luxury facial today. Truly spectacular, skin so soft and the massage while waiting for the mask to rest was added bonus to previous facials I’ve experienced. Thank you x
Katrine, Milton

I went to Ged without having had a Facial before and I was amazed by the experience from start to finish. I found the massage techniques very relaxing with just the right amount of pressure and focus in different areas of my face, the oils have left my skin feeling so soft with a subtle scent. I will definitely be going again! I now feel and look fresh faced. Thanks!
Gemma, Sittingbourne

Wonderful facial. Feeling as refreshed and chill as I can. Thank you so much Ged. I will return soon
Danielle, Faversham

Thank you for my facial last night. Was lovely and relaxing. My skin feels so soft! Thank you
Debbie, Sittingbourne

Absolutely pleased and will be returning very soon! Best treatment I have had for a very long time!!!! Thank you!
Railey, Ashford

Great treatment today feel relaxed and ready to face the week!
Molly, Faversham

I had reflexology by Geraldine throughout my pregnancy. It was a blessing! She is so lovely and makes you feel at ease straight away. very professional and she knows her stuff! Highly recommend!
Hannah, Faversham

Best massage I’ve ever had, feel like I can move again without hurting too much - thank you, see you again soon
Rosie, Sittingbourne

I have had treatments with this lovely lady a few times now, I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed each time. I can highly recommend the maternity reflexology, it was a much needed treat for my elephant-like swollen feet!
Gemma, Teynham

I just had my reflexology, and I must say it was the most relaxing thing ever!! I loved it so much that I want to do it again!!! Thank you Ged!!
Leonie, Sittingbourne

"Had the most amazing and relaxing maternity (Reflexology) session this evening with Geraldine. Very lovely place and left me feeling so relaxed! Book yourself in!
Kellie, Teynham

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much in the way of results, very skeptical. But even from the first session, I started to feel relaxed, and I noticed by the 3rd session the pain in my shoulder and left elbow had eased, noticeably. I would recommend Neuroflexology to my friends and colleagues
Nick, Maidstone

My teenager has a chronic illness and benefits so much from Geds treatments, in fact I would go as far to say it is the one thing that has helped her the most
Chris, Birchington

Superb! Friendly, professional, and oh so calming and relaxing! Recommend to all!
Jax, Birchington

Such a calming environment. The treatments that I had have left me feeling relaxed and gave me relief from my Rhuematoid Arthritis. Would and have recommended to others! Great service
Gemma, Sittingbourne

A wonderfully relaxing environment, gorgeous therapy carried out by a lovely lady - book now!
Lisa, Milton

I was recommended to Geraldine because I have Fibromyalgia and anxiety. The cosy room and Geraldine's friendly presence put me at ease instantly and the Reflexology I have been receiving is so relaxing I could not recommend it enough! The other helpful tips I've been given have also helped me a lot, for which I am so grateful. Visit Tranquility Therapies for help with a multitude of ailments and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
Thankyou Tranquility Therapies
Sam, Faversham
42 1/4 yrs

My Wife is a regular client at Tranquillity and had been on at me to try it. Not being interested, I went along anyway and was very surprised with the results!
When I said I didn't want my feet touched Geraldine suggested doing my hands and found it very relaxing so much so that I felt myself drifting off!
From this procedure Geraldine was able to tell me that I had a problem with my nose and my knee!!! I would recommend it to any man and will definitely go back
Ian, Milton

Love to Tranquillity Therapies. Always have a fantastic experience there. Ged is amazing with her hands!
Very good value for the treatments and I find the whole experience relaxing and for mind body and soul xxx
Donna, Newington

I first contacted Geraldine as a stressed-out Teacher, desperate for some TLC after a long, long term. I booked an Indian Head Massage and, counted down the days to the end of term...
The Massage was fantastic; really relaxing - Geraldine makes it really easy to forget your worries. I had never had an Indian Head Massage before and didnt really know what to expect. Clearly I needed it - it put me in the right frame of mind for the school holidays and I was determined to make 'me-time' part of my routine from then on.
Geraldine suggested Fertility Reflexology. Again, I had never had any kind of Reflexology treatment, so didnt really know what to expect, but after the first session I was hooked. I look forward to her 'So, how have you been?' and the chance to talk through my worries before the session begins...then its an hour of bliss, with candles and soft music, snuggled beneath a blanket and Geraldine working away at my feet. I am amazed at what she can deduce from them - stress, cycle and much more - and she's always happy to answer questions and explain how it all works.
Overall I thoroughly recommend Geraldine's treatments. The 'me-time' continues to pay dividends and having someone genuinely interested in your wellbeing is fantastic
Lisa, Faversham

Hi Geraldine, thank you so much for the facelift massage it was wonderful - now feel totally relaxed and stress free. Would highly recommend it!
Sharon, Sittingbourne

Ive recently had some Reflexology at Tranquillity Therapies, and it felt great. It didn't tickle like I thought it might, am definitely coming back, thanks :)
Deborah, Sittingbourne


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How do I know that I will be seeing a fully qualified practitioner?
Geraldine is a qualified Reflexologist. She is a full Member of the Association of Reflexologists (MAR) and thereby adheres to their strict code of practice and ethics. Geraldine is also fully qualified in Therapeutic Massage, Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage.
Click on the link to find out more about the Association of Reflexologists.

What does Holistic mean?
The word holistic is taken from the Greek word 'Holos' meaning whole.
A Holistic Therapy treats the whole person not just the physical symptoms of disease, and deals with the individual as a whole incorporating body, mind and spirit.

Does Reflexology tickle?
Many people have sensitive feet and imagine that Reflexology would not be appropriate for them as they are ticklish. However, because reflexology uses techniques of applying pressure to the feet, those clients who generally have ticklish feet, to their surprise never find it a problem during a reflexology treatment.

Does Reflexology cause discomfort?
Reflexology is primarily a gentle massage of the feet that aims to be relaxing and calming. However, some of the reflexes can feel a little gritty or tender sometimes. The practitioner will offer to reduce the pressure being applied when tenderness is felt, although more often than not it subsides within seconds and can help precipitate the benefits felt from Reflexology.

Can I have Reflexology if I'm pregnant?
Yes. You will find that Reflexology can be wonderful throughout pregnancy to alleviate any symptoms such as nausea, heartburn, and back ache. Reflexology can also help to cut down on labour time. It can prepare you for the birth.

Can you treat my child?
Reflexology & Indian Head Massage can be of great benefit to children just as it can be for adults. Treatment of a child under 16 would require the completion of a consent form by the child's parent or guardian; also an accompanying adult must be present throughout the treatment session.

I feel self-conscious about my body!
Nearly everyone feels self-conscious about their body in one way or another. Don’t let this stop you having a massage! It is a pleasurable experience and can really help to relieve & soothe both aches and pains, help the client unwind and to relieve stress. Massage therapists have seen all kinds of bodies in all shape and sizes, from young to old and we are not there to judge. Please don’t let feeling self-conscious about your weight or other body issues be a reason not to have a massage.

How many treatments do I need?
This really depends on your individual needs & circumstances. Normally the most benefit is received from 3 to 4 weekly treatments initially, followed by fortnightly then monthly.

How can I expect to feel after treatment?
Individual responses to reflexology/massage are very different, and some people may not feel the benefit of the therapies immediately - it may take a couple of treatments.
After the treatment you may feel very calm and deeply relaxed, others may feel energised and full of bounce! However, because reflexology/massage aids in the removal of toxins from the body, it is possible that you may experience one or several of the following:

* Cold type symptoms such as a runny nose
* Feeling light-headed or sleepy
* Increase in excretory functions
* Headaches
* Nausea
* Lethargic
* Tearful

Taking things easy, eating only lightly and drinking plenty of water/herbal teas will soon flush the system out.
These are a natural, positive reaction which is part of the healing process. They should last for 24 hours only.

**If you are unsure about which is the treatment for you, or don't want to commit to a full treatment, come for a taster session - £17 for a 30 minute appointment.**

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