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Menarche is described as “the first period of menstruation in females, which occurs between the ages of 13 and 16”.
However, the age of Menarche can vary considerably, due to culture and population.
It’s a very important time in a young woman’s life. There are bodily changes, hormonal changes and also changes in attitude - think ‘terrible teens’.
Mentally and emotionally, there’s a lot for a girl to deal with. There maybe, but not limited to,

*cramping (legs, stomach, lower back)
*sore chest/breasts
*more tired than is usual
*spots or acne
*mood swings
*hormonal headaches

This list is not exhaustive.

Reflexology can help balance these changes out, and may give relief from the symptoms, making the transition into adulthood a smoother process.

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Trying to conceive

Taking the decision to start a family is a life changing one. Sometimes, things don't go as smoothly as planned, and becoming pregnant is more difficult than first thought. Fertility problems may come to the fore in a manner of ways, including ovulation problems, polycystic ovaries, poor sperm quality or other unknown reasons. Stress and anxiety can also have a huge impact when trying to conceive.
This is where Reflexology may be able to help. Both partners can have Fertility Reflexology,(in fact, it is recommended!). It encourages deep relaxation, alleviates tension & stress, balances hormones and the reproductive system so that conception may take place.

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Maternity Reflexology is one of the safest therapies available to Pregnant women, and is very popular.
Pregnancy causes the woman's body to go through huge changes - emotional, physical and hormonal. Carrying a baby can have an impact on Mums body. Pregnancy Reflexology can help alleviate aches and pains, swollen feet, heartburn to name but a few of the ailments.
Ideally, Maternity Reflexology should be carried out from the 2nd Trimester onwards.
Women who receive regular Reflexology treatments throughout their pregnancy may experience shorter labour and deliver very close to the expected delivery date.

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Baby Reflexology

TinyToes Reflexage™ classes are now being held across the UK. All classes are taught by qualified Reflexologists and baby Massage instructors.
I have been trained by Emma Baxter, the founder and creator of TinyToes Reflexage™.

Reflexage is a unique blend of baby massage, baby movement and baby reflexology.
It is a natural, safe, gentle way to encourage communication, bonding and connection with your baby.
Tiny Toes Reflexage teaches effective techniques and skills you can use to aid many early discomforts, such as teething and colic. These skills are for use any time and anywhere, making them invaluable and truly commutable!

The benefits of Tiny Toes Reflexage are immense and lifelong! This course will give you skills to support your baby in the following ways:

Empowering for parents/caregivers
Enhances bond
Relaxation (for both of you!)
Promotes development
Tummy time
Comfort & Sleep
Colic, Reflux & Digestion
General well being

TinyToes is not just for Mums! I encourage Dads and Grandparents to book onto a course to enhance their bond with baby too!

Courses are suitable from 4 weeks of age to crawling. Many parents prefer to wait until their baby has had their first health check at 6 weeks.
A fully history of health issues will be taken prior to start of course.

£35 for 1hour
As a qualified Tiny Toes Reflexage instructor, I’m able to teach you the unique techniques to help you support your babies wellbeing.

I also offer 1-1 private sessions if classes are not suitable for you.
Online workshops are also available.

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Reflexology is a marvellous therapy for helping the journey through Peri Menopause, and Menopause.
Symptoms can present in the following ways:
hot flushes & cold flushes
increased perspiration
night sweats
headaches & dizziness
mood changes
digestive disturbances
allergies and intolerances
sudden weight gain
short-term memory loss and
irregular periods with heavy bleeding.
Reflexology can support a menopausal woman physically, mentally and emotionally by way of balancing hormones and giving space to come to terms with changes.

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